February Man of the Month

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February Man of the Month

Today I am starting a brand new feature on the blog. I used to take part in Man Candy Mondays and at first I really enjoyed it but after a few months the task became laborious.

What??? you ask. Looking for hot men is too much hard work? No, no, no, the problem was finding a man to match up to the images in my head that all these lovely authors had created week on week. I didn’t have the time to do the research thoroughly enough, (Research is very important, ask any writer). So I just stopped posting.

But we all need a bit of tottie now and then so I have decided to bring back some hot men posts with Man of the Month. Each month I will be looking over the books I have read and picking one book boyfriend for you.

So this month I will be featuring the tantalisingly hot Ethan Chase.

Ethan is the main character in Amelia Thorne’s new book Tied Up With Love. Now if you follow me on twitter I am sure you know all about  this book and the gorgeous Ethan Chase but if you don’t here’s a little info.

Ethan hasn’t had the easiest of times. His whole life has been surrounded by rumours. Drug dealing, mafia, theaving. He also has a very bad reputation with women. However I think that Ethan is just a good man trying to stop himself from getting hurt again. He’s not sure he could stand the pain again so chooses not to feel. Ethan has these amazing blue eyes, dark hair and Mediterranean skin tone. He is tall and broad. So now you all want to know who I have case as Ethan.

I started with the blue eyes. I love blue eyes if you follow me on pintrest you will know that I have many many pins of Chris Pine who has gorgeous blue eyes. I did think about him as Ethan and while he would make a fine pick something was quite right about it, don’t ask me what I don’t know. (I obviously HAVE to post a picture of this fine specimen of a man now)Chris+Pine+chris4

So who else has blue eyes. Ian Somerhalder another fine pick but again not quite right. He’s just not broad enough for Ethan Chase.




The same could be said for Jamie Dornan….e931f8b274916740b2f8643734639048

So I continued my search and then right there on pintrest he popped up. How I hadn’t thought of him I didn’t know but he ticked all the boxes. Blue Eyes – Check, Dark hair – Check, Broad – Check. So who did I pick?

Liam Hemsworth.

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and of course you cannot show one Hemsworth without the other so here is a bonus picture.


I hope you all enjoyed the new feature and if anyone would like to join in feel free to link your posts up on the linky below.

Happy MOTM day.

February Man of the MonthTied up With Love by Amelia Thorne
Also by this author: Tied up With Love
Published by Carina on 14th February 2015
Genres: Chicklit, Love & Romance, New Adult
Pages: 291
Amazon UKAmazon US

‘We’re from KMW. Do exactly as you’re told and you won’t get hurt…’

Being grabbed off the street, blind folded, tied up and thrown into a van was not what Izzy expected to happen when she stepped out the door that morning. But when an accidental kidnapping at the hands of the sexy Ethan Chase and his ‘Kidnap My Wife’ sexual fantasy business leads to just that, Izzy seizes the chance to turn her misfortune into a brilliant new job opportunity…

Since then, life has been one big tangle of new client meetings, fake kidnapping pick-ups, and handling the temperamental, but drop dead gorgeous ‘bad boy’ Mr Chase. But, as liberating as being tied up in Ethan’s life is, Izzy knows the time is fast approaching when she must make some decisions and take charge of her future. The only question is: will Ethan allow himself to be a part of it?

Emma @ SCR

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