Tour Hosts


If you have a blog and are happy to share reviews or promotional posts then please sign up as one of my hosts. The sign up sheet is a mailchimp form which will hold your details. Your details will not be shared with anyone else. I also have a group just for tour hosts please feel free to join us here.

Before you sign up here are a few things you need to know.

All tour sign ups will be via a google form. If you are reviewing you will be provided with a copy of the book at least 3 weeks before the tour.

I have a 3 strikes policy. If you do not post on your specified date, without informing me of an issue, 3 times then you will be struck off my list of hosts. This is to ensure that authors are not paying for empty slots.

All posts must be up by 12pm UK time and your link should be emailed to me for social media sharing. If you post is not up by 1pm you will receive an email requesting an explanation.

Tours are for promotional purposes so if you feel you cannot provide a positive review then I request that this is not posted until after the tour. Please let me know if you cannot provide a positive review and I will provide alternative content.

If you cannot post on your specified date for any reason, then please contact me prior to your posting date.

Thank you in advance for signing up.

Sign Up



If you don’t have a blog but you review on Goodreads, Amazon or other sites then the Review Vault is for you. You have 3 months from when your request is agreed to review the book. You must provide links to your review once it is posted. Your review will also be shared on social media. Bloggers are welcome to request from the review vault too.

Review Vault