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1) Tell me a little bit about you

Hi, I’m Amie *waves* I’m the proud author of ‘Being Together Being Along’ nearly thirty (but acting fifteen!) Arsenal supporter, total pop punk fangirl, cat lover and all round smiley person (generally!)

2) What do you love about Christmas?

Seeing all of my close family; although we do spend time together throughout the year it’s one of the only times all ten of us sit down and eat together. I love how everything stops for just one day and family is the total focus of my day.

3) What do you hate about Christmas?

Predictable I guess but the commerciality of the whole event, so much money is needlessly spent because we feel forced to and it’s pushed down our throats by media and shops…  also, people who have no options but to spend Christmas alone.

4) What is your favourite Christmas book?

An oldie but a goodie, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. It’s so well written, the language really transports you into a Victorian winter, the characters are so strong and easy to love (and hate!) it’s no wonder it has been recreated in so many different ways.

5) What is your favourite Christmas song?

It’s so not my usual taste and I feel like I need to give a full explanation for this but it’s Saviours Day by Cliff Richard… yeah, I know! But when I used to work in retail it was the first Christmas song that was loaded onto the music system every year so it was generally the first one I heard. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas until I’ve heard it, and honestly, even though I’m not Christian, isn’t the song exactly what Christmas is about?

6) What was your best Christmas?

It’s hard to pin point just one but I guess it would have been as a child when everything was still so magical and real. I remember the year I got a new bike; it was in the hall and I ran straight past it, didn’t even notice it, because I was just dying to get into the kitchen to see if Rudolph had eaten his carrot!

7) What was your best Christmas present?

I collect pandas, in all shapes and forms, and last year my mum bought me a small Steiff panda… that was pretty special. This year my long suffering boyfriend has bought me tickets to see Gerard Way (again) and that’s pretty cool too.

8) What was your worst Christmas present?

Oooo I’ve had a few over the years! I once got a really horrendous paisley print shirt that I had to open it in front of the person giving me it, they were really worried that I would hate it and I’m such a bad liar… awkward. I also once got a gorgeous bracelet but when I turned it over it had a bible quote engraved onto the heart charm, to be honest I’m not sure the buyer realised it was on there!

9) Describe your ideal Christmas

To be together with my family, all in one big cosy log cabin with a huge fire… and outside catering!

10) What do you want for Christmas this year?

Arsenal to win the league… Pete Wentz with a huge bow on top… Gerard Way with a huge bow on top…  it has to be realistic? Oh… then maybe a big hatbox style gift set from Lush, that would make me pretty happy, and some Yankee Candles.

11) Where can we find you?

Mainly hanging around Twitter, always happy to chat about pretty much anything so drop me a Tweet 

Feel free to hit me up on Goodreads too

‘Being Together Being Alone’ is out now on Amazon



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