Author: Juliet Ashton

Review: The Sunday Lunch Cl..

Posted 18th April 2018
Review: The Sunday Lunch Club

The first rule of Sunday Lunch Club is … don’t make any afternoon plans. Every few Sundays, Anna and her extended family and friends get together for lunch. They talk, they laugh, they bicker, they eat too much. Sometimes the important stuff is left unsaid, other times it’s said in the wrong […]

Review: The Woman at Number..

Posted 29th May 2017
Review: The Woman at Number 24

A house holds the hearts of the people who live in it. Under the roof of The Blue House, a now shabby but previously grand Georgian villa in West London, the subdivided space is home to five separate families and five very different lives. Sarah has just divorced her husband, […]

Spring Blogger Evening 2016

Posted 27th March 2016
Spring Blogger Evening 2016

As a lot of you have probably seen on 16th March I was lucky enough to be invited to the Spring Bogger Evening with Books and the City. So I got myself all dressed up for a night of fizz, books and sugar. I have to say the girls over […]