Series: Desperately Ever After

Review: Damsels in Distress

Posted 10th December 2016
Review: Damsels in Distress

The Desperately Ever After series takes a whimsical look at our most beloved fairy tale princesses several years after true love’s kiss. With laughter, wine, and a new take on old-fashioned chivalry, these friends see each other through life’s trials one secret at a time. Set in a fictional realm […]

Book News: Skipping Midnigh..

Posted 1st November 2016
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Book News: Skipping Midnight Promo Blast

 One part Sex and the City. Two parts Desperate Housewives. Three parts Brothers Grimm. For the women of Marestam, “happily ever after” has always come with a grain of salt. Be it infidelity or aging, deferred dreams or lost love, or even the pressures of raising a family, they have […]

Book News: Damsels in Distr..

Posted 8th July 2014
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Book News: Damsels in Distress Cover reveal

I’m pretty excited today because I get to reveal the cover for the sequel to one of my favourite books. I only recently read Desperately Ever After but I loved it and now I can finally reveal the cover for book 2, Damsels in Distress. Imagine what might happen if […]