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AllegiantAllegiant by Veronica Roth
Also by this author: Divergent, Insurgent
Series: Divergent #3
Also in this series: Divergent, Insurgent
Published by HarperCollins on 7th November 2013
Genres: Dystopia, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, YA Fantasy, Young Adult
Pages: 549
Format: eBook
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What if your whole world was a lie?

What if a single revelation—like a single choice—changed everything?

What if love and loyalty made you do things you never expected?

Well after the amazingness that was books 1 and 2 when I finished book 3 I didn’t really know what to write for my reveiw of book 3. I spent a long time just sitting there going why? but why? just why?

I finished this book on the 17th March. It has taken me this long to mentally prepare myself to even attempt to write a review. For me this is really bad. I like to write a review pretty much as soon as I finish the book. Even if it’s just a few words about each character and how I felt about the book overall.

As with books 1 and 2 Roth’s writing was excellent. It wasn’t the style or the way it was written that caused me such pain. It was the story itself.

I tend not to write bad reviews. In fact I don’t tend to find that I don’t like the books I read very often. I know what I like and I tend to stick to the genres that I will enjoy. I don’t see any point in wasting time reading something I know from the off that I will hate.

So with all that said I still can’t really form a review for this book. I have thought long and hard about this. Wanting it to be fair and honest. But the truth is even after almost 2 months I can still only give you one word and it’s why.

I know this doesn’t help much when deciding to read the book or not. I would say you should. Books 1 and 2 are AWESOME! I loved them and once you have read them you kinda need to know how it all goes down so in a sense you have to read Allegiant even if afterwards you sit there and like me just think why….just WHY!!!!



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