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Posted 1st September 2016 by Emma in Meme / 1 Comment

Bookotoure month

Hello guyyyyyssss!!!

Happy 1st of September!!!!!! If you have been following my Facebook or Twitter you will know that today is the start of my Month of Bookouture. This is the first time I have focused on well pretty much anything for a whole month and I’m super excited! If you want to follow all the shenanigans you can so here. Everyone and anyone is welcome so feel free to join in.

Today I wanted to give you a little bit of an insight into what I have coming up.

I have 6 books read and reviewed which will be coming up throughout the month. Hopefully around 2 a week. I have 5 Friday in Focus posts with 5 different Bookouture authors. I also have at least one Christmassy review (I’m starting the book today).

I also have a month long readathon which you are all invited to join. The aim is to read as many Bookouture books as possible by the end of September. I am pledging that by the end of the month I will read at least 8 books. I am planning to give you an update of my reading progress every sunday so please check in and feel free to comment with your progress. Today I am starting with Holly Martin’s Christmas Under a Cranberry Sky. I know a few people have already started this and I LOVE Holly’s books so I just can’t wait to get stuck in. As far as I am concerned Summer is officially over and it’s time to start the Christmas books.

Anywho you are probably sick of my rambling so I will leave you to go about your day now but I hope you enjoy the month.


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