O.W.L.’s 2020

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It’s time for this years O.W.L’s. I really enjoyed taking part last year and as we are currently in Lockdown it will be a welcome escape to be part of this again this year. Like last year I am going to pick books for all the prompts giving me more options for when the N.E.W.T.’s come around later in the year.

Ancient Runes – Heart on the cover or in title – Heartless or Heart of Thorns
Arithmancy – Read something outside your favourite genre – something YA (not fantasy)
Astronomy – Read something mainly at night – Shaken and Stirred
Care of Magical Creatures – Book with a beak animal on the cover – Meet Me at the Lighthouse
Charms – White cover – Aria’s Travelling Bookshop
DADA – book set at sea/the coast – Sunrise over Sapphire Bay
Divination – TBR random number book – Raising The Bar
Herbology – Book that starts with M – The Midnight Lie
History of Magic – Witches/Wizards – Serpent and Dove
Muggle Studies – Muggle perspective (Contemporary) – The Gin Lover’s Guide to Dating
Potions – Under 150 pages – Gin and Trouble
Transfiguration – Book/series that includes shapeshifting – Nocturna

Are you taking part? Let me know in the comments.


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