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Posted 18th March 2019 by Emma in Book News / 1 Comment

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be sent a free box from My Book Moment, a new monthly book subscription. I am a current subscriber to Fairyloot and a previous subscriber to Illumicrate so book boxes are not something new to me.

My Book Moment has two subscription plans, popular fiction or crime. I picked popular fiction. As well as a book each month the box comes with one or two ‘me’ items.

What was in the box?

This months box included:

What did I think of the box?

At first, I wasn’t sure. While the book appealed to me I am not usually a fan of white chocolate and the colour of the lipstick looked like a dark brown in the tube and I am a fan of light nudes for my lips.

However, I thought why not try the chocolate if you don’t like the BF loves white chocolate and he will finish it. Well, it didn’t last long enough for he BF to even know it existed (sorry if you read this). I would definitely buy that bar again, it was delicious!

The lipstick, well I am already working out where I can get more. firstly the colour was perfect! It is exactly my colour. It’s very neutral. Its not too showy but does have a colour. This was a good choice by My Book Moment as its likely to have a wide appeal. It also feels amazing on your lips. It’s not sticky at all. It feels smooth and it’s really long lasting as well. I would highly recommend this.

Without even needing to read the book I knew it was one I would enjoy. Not least from the cover but it was picked by the lovely SJ from Books and The City! SJ has introduced me to many books over the years I have known her that have captured my heart and I know a book picked by SJ is bound to be amazing! I also know Lara who is picking the crime subscription. Lara has the best recommendations whenever I catch up I’m always asking for her top picks so if you are into crime then you will be just as well catered for.

This box challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone a bit which I really enjoyed.

How much does it cost?

This box is just £12 a month. You can either buy a one off box or a monthly subscription. This is quite a bit cheaper than many other book boxes out there most of which are around the £30 mark. I think this box is good value for money and will surprise you not only with a different book each month but with its contents too.


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