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Friday In Focus with Jules ..

Posted 6th May 2016
Friday In Focus with Jules Wake

Happy Friday!!!!!! Today I am joined by the  wonderful Jules Wake to talk about writing her fourth book. Escape to the Riviera is the fourth book you’ve had published. Do you find writing a book has become easier? In some ways yes in others no.  I still find it hard […]

Christmas Spotlight: Jules ..

Posted 27th December 2015
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Christmas Spotlight: Jules Wake

The Christmas Tree In our household, I suspect like many others, there are certain family traditions which are written in metaphorical stone and without which Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas. The night we decorate the tree is when Christmas officially begins in our house, and much thought goes into working […]

Q&A with Jules Wake

Posted 9th May 2015
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Q&A with Jules Wake

We’re almost at the end of HI Fortnight. I hope you have enjoyed all the posts. Today I am joined by the wonderful Jules Wake.  Jules can you tell us a little about you? I’m an avid reader and my idea of hell is not to have a book on […]