Harpy Christmas: Q&A with Lynn Montagano

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Harpy Christmas: Q&A with Lynn Montagano

Hello, today I am thrilled to be joined by the wonderful Lynn Montagano for a little Q&A session

Tell us a little about you:

Author, world traveler and Time Magazine’s Person of the Year 2006. All of those are true, I swear.

In the spirit of fun, here are some facts about me:

  1. I’m fascinated by criminal psychology.
  2. I went to an all-girls Catholic high school and had to wear a uniform. When I graduated, I strung my uniform skirt up a flag pole.
  3. I’m mildly obsessed with English and Scottish accents.
  4. I secretly want to be the Press Secretary at the White House.
  5. My first job after college was as a Studio Guide at Universal Studios Hollywood.
  6. I’ve been to Iceland in the winter.
  7. I learned to swim in the ocean when I was 2.
  8. I play with my hair when I get really nervous.
  9. I’ve always wanted to write a book.
  10. I like to challenge myself to attain what people say I can’t have.
  11. I love driving long distances. It relaxes me.
  12. Any noise involving chewing irritates me.
  13. I can juggle.
  14. Failure is my biggest fear
  15. I love the cold & snow.

Tell us about your books

I’m so proud to say that HarperImpulse published my debut series. The Breathless Series (Catch My Breath, Unravel Me and Effortless) tells the story of American news producer Lia Meyers and her relationship with mysterious British media mogul, Alastair Holden. I loved the idea of having a trans-Atlantic romance. Their story starts out innocently enough but with any relationship, it’s the journey that makes it compelling. Both of them have something in their past to overcome before they can fully give themselves to the other.

What is your favourite place to write?

My couch. It’s so comfortable! I do have a writing nook with a desk that I use on occasion but for me, the couch is the place to be.

Where do you get your character inspiration from?

I love to people watch. There have been many times when I’m sitting at the airport or walking through a shopping center and I’ll observe the people around me. Sometimes they’ll do or say something that sparks something in my imagination.

What are your 3 desert island books?

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
Bared to You by Sylvia Day
The Stand by Stephen King

What is your favourite place to read?

The exact same place as I write; my couch! =)

What is your favourite book and why?

The Stand by Stephen King. I read it for the first time when I was in high school and it completely captivated me. It’s not a short book. I think it’s well over 1,000 pages but I loved every word of it. I’m a sucker for a good scary story and that one, about a super flu that obliterates mankind, had me hooked!

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

I love to travel. I’ve had the good fortune to be able to visit several countries, including Australia, Iceland, England, Scotland and Denmark, just to name a few. My absolute favorite place to visit is London. Love that city! I’m also a huge football fan. Every year I try to go to as many New England Patriots games as possible. I was born and raised in Rhode Island so they’ve been my favorite team for as long as I can remember.

Chocolate or sweets?

Depends on my mood to be honest. Sometimes I like to have some dark chocolate and other times I really, REALLY want a cupcake. =)

Is there a book you wished you wrote?

The entire Harry Potter series. I loved every word and wish I could create a world as rich and captivating as JK Rowling did.

You have a free flight and accommodation to anywhere in the world where would you go?

That’s a tough one! As I mentioned before, I love London so that would certainly be a destination. But, I’ve always wanted to see the pyramids in Egypt. It’s been on my bucket list for ages. Also, I’d love to go on an African safari. Can I do all of those?!?

What is your favourite season?

Winter. There is something about the cold and snow that makes me infinitely happy. I love everything about it.

What do you love about Christmas?

Everything! I mean, seriously, what’s not to love? I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking, baking, shopping for presents, wrapping the presents, singing along to Christmas music, driving around the different neighborhoods to see all the lights…..I could go on and on.

What do you hate about Christmas?

It goes by way too fast.

What is your favourite Christmas book?

How the Grinch Stole Christmas or A Christmas Carol. They’re both classics that I adore.

What is your favourite Christmas song?

Do They Know It’s Christmas (the original, 1984 version) and All I Want For Christmas Is You

What was your best Christmas?

It’s hard to choose just one! They’ve all been special.

What was your best Christmas present?

Oh wow. Another tough one. I’ve received so many great gifts over the years it’s hard to pick one!

What was your worst Christmas present?

My birthday is also in December (the 14th). I would have to say the worst Christmas gift anyone can give me is the “combo birthday/Christmas gift.” There’s more than enough time to put some thought into it and have two separate presents. 😉

Describe your ideal Christmas

I’m fairly easy to please so my ideal Christmas would be spent surrounded by family and friends, enjoying good food and lots of laughs.

What do you want for Christmas this year?

The same thing I ask for every year – Tom Brady  🙂

Where can we find you?

I’m all over the place on social media! Feel free to follow and chat with me. =)

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Harpy Christmas: Q&A with Lynn MontaganoCatch My Breath by Lynn Montagano
Series: The Breathless Series,
on 17th April 2014
Pages: 272
Amazon KindleAudible

Lia Meyers’ plan for a relaxing Scottish vacation is short-lived when one uncharacteristic moment of clumsiness lands her in the arms of a dangerously attractive Englishman.

The perfect opportunity for a much needed holiday romance? Wrong! Lia’s still reeling from the mother of all bad breakups, and she really doesn’t have the patience for Alastair Holden – despite his effortless charm and sexy British accent.

Arrogant and totally inscrutable, he’s exactly the sort of guy she wants to avoid but can’t: the man behind the mystery proves just too tempting to resist.

Drawn to him, Lia is forced to battle with her own insecurities, and the closer they become, the more she recognizes her own weaknesses as she peels away his layers with every night they spend together. Discovering the past Alastair is so desperate to conceal, Lia must decide if they can heal one another together or if their deepest fears will tear them apart.

Harpy Christmas: Q&A with Lynn MontaganoUnravel Me by Lynn Montagano
Series: The Breathless Series #2
on 17th July 2014
Pages: 254
Amazon KindleAudible

Lia’s meant to be on cloud nine: ever since she and Alastair finally confessed their love for one another, their relationship has never been so good.

Her British-born Adonis is all intent on sweeping her off her feet, showering her with gifts and affection more than worthy of the girlfriend of an international, millionaire businessman!

But their past seems to be intent on dragging the both of them down, and the hushed gossip of a dark secret begins to cause havoc to Lia’s life…

With an ocean separating her from her love, Lia can’t help but wonder if she can ever feel secure with a man who still plays everything so close to his chest, including her.

Harpy Christmas: Q&A with Lynn MontaganoEffortless by Lynn Montagano
Series: The Breathless Series #3
on 12th February 2015
Pages: 260
Amazon KindleAudible

Everything in Lia Meyers’ life seems perfect. She’s made the move ‘across the pond’ to start a new life with the man of her dreams and is impressing her new bosses as the executive producer of a popular news magazine program.

Alastair Holden, the enigmatic Englishman who has Lia’s heart, puts her above all else, even at the expense of his billion-dollar worldwide media empire. Lia couldn’t be luckier, right?

But her lavish world of hearts and flowers soon turns upside down. Living under the white hot spotlight of the Holden family empire proves to be more complicated than she anticipated. She doesn’t know who to trust and questions the motives of her closest friends.

To make matters worse, Alastair begins to revert back to his closed off ways. When a life changing event thrusts him into chaos, Lia must decide if a diamond really is forever or if she should learn to cut her losses.


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