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Review: On the Way to the W..

Posted 30th December 2022
Review: On the Way to the Wedding

I don’t quite know how I am now on the last book. I have absolutely loved listening to this series and I am going to miss it so much. Gregory Bridgerton is a romantic! I mean, of course, he is. His parents were a love match and he has watched […]

Review: Romancing Mister Br..

Posted 30th December 2022
Review: Romancing Mister Bridgerton

I’ll admit that I wasn’t particularly looking forward to Colin and Penelope’s story. I am not really a fan of the trope where one party has been in love with the other for years and eventually the other realises that they have been right under their nose the whole time. […]

Friday In Focus with Cather..

Posted 2nd December 2016
Friday In Focus with Catherine Hokin

A Merry Medieval Christmas Today we have a Christmas post that is a little different. I am excited to be joined by Catherine to talk about the Christmas’ of years gone by. 24 hogshead of wine, 200 head of pork, 1,000 hens, 500 lbs of wax, 50 lbs of pepper, 2 lbs […]