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Release Week Blitz: Shearwater Part One (an Ocean Depths Mermaid Romance) by Derek Murphy with Giveaway



Hello readers! Welcome to the Release Week Blitz for

Shearwater Part One
(an Ocean Depths Mermaid Romance)

by Derek Murphy!

Do you love mermaids? Then this is the book for you!
And don’t get me started on the awesome giveaway found below.

Happy Book Birthday Derek!

Make some noise and celebrate!! Whoo hooooo!


Shearwater Cover

“I watched the colored lights and sparkles coming off of Sebastian in the dark water, as the ocean began the process of rebuilding his tail. I longed to join him in the water, to wrap my arms around him and let him carry me under the sea; but I wasn’t ready. For him, the ocean was a home; for me it was death. Without being able to transform, the ocean depths would suffocate me, the pressure collapse my bones and flesh.”

After her parent’s accident, Clara is shipped off to live with a grandfather she never knew, in a town she can’t pronounce. In Ireland, she soon discovers that her mother’s secret past is filled with tragedy. Trying to track down the truth, she begins going through changes of her own, until she’s not sure just who – or what – she is anymore.

Then she meets the mysterious Sebastian, who won’t leave her alone, and Ethan, who apparently can’t stand to be near her. Both of them seem to have supernatural powers, and she’s not quite sure whether they want to kill her or kiss her. Just when things are getting interesting, someone attacks her, and she gets a revelation that destroys everything she thought she knew about the world, humanity, and herself.

>>>Explore the magical coast of Northern Ireland, and an new interpretation of the Tuatha de Danann, the Fomorians, and mermaid mythology.

>>>An innovative paranormal romance with a brand new magical system, and a version of mermaid biology that actually makes sense.

This is PART ONE of the first book (Shearwater), of the Ocean Depths Series.

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Shearwater Part One (an Ocean Depths Mermaid Romance)
by Derek Murphy
Publication Date: January 26, 2016
Publisher: Urban Epics

Available for Purchase:



Derek Murphy

Derek Murphy is a philosophy major turned book designer finishing a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature. He recently decided to stop studying and designing books, and start writing his own.

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  1. z

    I have always loved mermaids! Can’t wait to read the book. These bookends are gorgeous and would look great on my shelf!

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