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Today is the first of many Christmas Q&A’s that I will be posting this month. I have been appealing to the twitter community for help and I am extremely grateful to everyone who has taken part and I’m very excited about this feature. Without further ado lets get started

1) Tell us a little bit about you…

I am a mom of 3 and an avid reader.  I love blogging about the books I read.  Other hobbies I have are quilting, playing the piano and listening to music pretty much all the time.  I grew up in Utah but have lived the last 8 ½ years in Charlotte NC and I love it here.

2) What do you love about Christmas?

I think kids make Christmas more fun than anything.  There is nothing better than watching them light up on Christmas when they open the presents you have tried so hard to surprise them with.  I always try and plan a big surprise for them every year because it is so fun for me and for them.

3) What do you hate about Christmas?

I don’t know that I hate anything about Christmas but I could do without any grumpy people while shopping.  I also don’t like it much when I run into the greedy people that throw fits when they don’t get what they want.

 4) What is your favourite Christmas book?

I LOVE Christmas books and my favorite author of Christmas books is Richard Paul Evans.  I think my favorite of his is probably “The Christmas List” but I love all of them.

 5) What is your favourite Christmas song?

Picking just one favorite is really hard to do.  I guess if I picked just one it would probably be Winter Wonderland.

 6) What was your best Christmas?

I don’t really remember having a “best” Christmas.  Christmas has always been a really great holiday and a special time to be with my family.  We don’t live near extended family and we love having just our family together every Christmas and that is what always makes it the best.

 7) What was your best Christmas present?

I remember being REALLY into Swatch watches one  year.  I wanted one sooooo bad and I got one from Santa.

 8) What was your worst Christmas present?

OMG I hope my sister doesn’t somehow read this, but one year I got a book about “What to do in North Carolia” (where I live) and it was really outdated.  I also live here, so I really don’t need a book about it, I think I have it covered.

9) Describe your ideal Christmas:

We have a few traditions so these are the few things I have to have to make Christmas, Christmas:

  •  Hot Cinnamon and Cranberry drink
  • Egg and Sausage Casserole
  • Homemade Peanut Butter Cups
  • Aunt Britt’s fruit Salad

 10) What do you want for Christmas this year?

ALWAYS books!  But if we are going major wish list here, I would it be too much to ask for some Emerald Earrings?  I would really like some to match the necklace, ring and bracelet set my Dad gave me last year that were my Moms.

 11) Where can we find you?

Kryst Twitter|Twitter| Facebook|Blog/Website


Thank you very much to Kristalyn Thornock for taking part in my Christmas Q&A.


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