Book News: Mystic Blitz

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Book News: Mystic Blitz

Book News: Mystic BlitzMystic by S.G. Tillery
Series: Seer Series #1
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on 3rd January 2014
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction, YA Fantasy, Young Adult
Pages: 256
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When a procession of knights returning from the Crusades passes through her village, the last thing 16 year old Anabel expects is that her father will sell her and her brother to one of the knights and his mysterious companion. Anabel is thrust into life at court and agrees to use her special gift to spy on the handsome new king in the weeks leading up to his coronation.

When Anabel’s visions of the future become more frequent and vivid, she learns that she and her brother are at the center of a dangerous plot — one that puts them both in danger and threatens to alter the course of her nation’s future.

As she is growing ever closer to King Fabian, all Anabel wants is for those she loves to be safe. But soon, the reality of her situation comes crashing down on her, and her life is altered once again. The power she is learning to harness is growing inside her and soon, everything she loves will be in danger.


He seemed to be such an odd king, from my observation at least. In my understanding of royal dinners, the king and his guests of highest regard should sit at the head table, with the king sampling each dish as it was brought out before passing it along to a chosen guest. This, however, had not been the case so far. Even now, when he decided to finally join the others, he arrived late and did not seem at all interested in sampling anything. He looked almost bored, as if he decided to make an appearance in a half-hearted attempt at following tradition. I was growing ever more curious about this rebellious and reluctant king who seemed to shun tradition and live by his own rules.

When I determined I had been staring at him for too long, I turned away and decided to have one of the chocolate pastries after all, but as I reached for the last one someone else grabbed it first. Disappointed, I dug in to my pears, now cold but still delicious, continuing to glance at the king from the corner of my eye. I thought I saw him looking my way, but it turned out that he was only gesturing to a servant carrying in what looked like more chocolate pastries. The thought that he might enjoy the same indulgent desert that I longed for brought a smile to my face.

Lucia, to my right, was speaking with one of the other ladies and I turned to listen politely in an attempt to distract myself from staring at the king any longer. Suddenly a servant, the same one that I saw the king speaking to a moment earlier, was standing in front of me with the dish full of pastries. Lucia and the other ladies around her stopped their conversation to listen when the servant spoke to me.

“King Fabian sends his regards, my lady, and hopes that you will enjoy this dish,” she said, then placed the entire plate of still warm pastries on the table in front of me, dipped a small curtsy and hurried back to the kitchen.

“Oh, my!” One of the young ladies sitting near Lucia spoke first. “I don’t believe King Fabian has ever sent a dish to anyone before, at least not since I have been at court. He must think quite highly of you, Lady Anabel.”

Warmth spread up my neck and cheeks, and I simply smiled at her, not knowing how to respond. I could feel the king’s eyes on me, watching me, so I turned and tipped my head toward him. He did the same, smiling as he met my eyes, then stood abruptly and left the room. Every eye was on me as conversation in the dining hall began to pick up again.


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About S.G. Tillery

S.G. Tillery was born and raised near Fort Worth, Texas. She still lives in north Texas with her husband and four daughters, but she rebels against the Texan stereotype. She loves God, her family, and all things involving books, and is a self-proclaimed nerd, a history buff, and vintage enthusiast. Mystic, a young adult historical fantasy, is her first published novel. She loves hearing from her fans and encourages them to find her on Facebook.


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