Why I Stick at Blogging

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So today is my 1 year Blogoversary!!! Whoop.

To celebrate I am going to be posting different themes every day for the next weekish on my past year of blogging. Yesterday I started with why I started blogging and I hope you enjoyed the background to this blog.

Today I’m going to talk about why I stick at blogging. Yesterday I told you that this isn’t my first blog. The blog I started on blogger around 2 years ago was an epic fail. I couldn’t get on with blogger. Also  I didn’t want anyone to know about it unless they stumbled upon it themselves. I didn’t tell my friends or my family that I had started it. I didn’t want pity followers. I wanted people who were genuinely interested in what I was saying. I also didn’t quite realise how much work I would need to put into blogging and quickly gave up on it.

This time I was more prepared. I had been reading book blog since around the time I started my one on blogger and i dipped in and out of them regularly. I had a twitter account, a goodreads account and a new platform.

I much prefer the layout of WordPress as well as the flexibility. In January I took the plunge and purchased my own domain and moved to wordpress.org.

But none of these things are the main reason I stick at blogging. There are two things that keep me blogging. One is when someone tweets or comments telling you that they are going to buy that book because of your review. Knowing that you got through to that one person makes you truely smile. Number two is the lovely authors that send me their books for free to review. There is nothing that makes me happier than writing a wonderful review and getting an email or a tweet from the author thanking me for my opinion.

So to every author that has sent me a book to review this past year I thank you. I feel extremely grateful and I don’t think I have the words to express what it means that you would trust me with your words.


Jennifer Gilby Roberts is another amazing author that has offered to giveaway one of her books, below are the covers and for more information visit Jennifer’s blog. The winner gets to pick the book.

After-Wimbledon_Kindle-cover Early-Daze-Cover-to-match-p



















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