Christmas Q&A with Elaine Spires

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1) Tell me a little bit about you

I’m a novelist – five novels and a book of short stories; playwright – several one act plays that have been performed on the London and Edinburgh Fringes – a TV drama series, Paradise View for Caribbean TV company HAMA TV, and a comedy series, The Amazing Adventures of Maisie and Em also set in the Caribbean, which is in pre-production, plus a stage adaption of my novel Singles’ Holiday, which was staged by Melabeau Productions at the Brentwood Theatre in October; an actress – several short films, a one-woman show and two West End runs and director – presently directing a traditional panto, Cinderella, staring Peter Dean and Lydia Lucy, at the Brookside Theatre Romford.

2)What do you love about Christmas?

The run up to it. I love to see all the shops beautifully decorated and Christmas lights everywhere. I love the way some people are decorating the outside of their homes more and more. I love the pre-Christmas drinks and lunches and get-togethers and although I’m not religious, I
love hearing kids singing carols.

3) What do you hate about Christmas?

The commercialism. I feel that the meaning and spirit of Christmas is completely lost nowadays. Isn’t it possible to eat and party with loved ones without spending what you can’t afford on extravagant presents? And I hate the way the homeless are taken care of for a few days and then turned back out onto the street again.

4) What is your favourite Christmas book?

A Christmas Carol. I just love it. Quite a number of years ago I adapted it for the stage and directed the production. Magic. I also associate Little Women with Christmas, too. Probably because it starts with the famous line “‘Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents,’ grumbled Jo.” I got it for Christmas when I was about 9. I remember reading it in two days. I cried my eyes out when Beth died.

5) What is your favourite Christmas song?

All I Want for Christmas is You.

6) What was your best Christmas?

Hmm, that’s difficult. Probably a Christmas that I spent in Ibiza. I was living there at the time and couldn’t afford to return to UK for Christmas. I wasn’t looking forward to it at all; I was expecting to have a miserable time but as it turned out we partied every day from about 20th December onwards. I had an absolute ball. I also remember all the Christmases when my daughter was growing up and still living at home with fondness.

7) What was your best Christmas present?

So many wonderful things over the years – so hard to choose. Probably the CD of the Secret because of its impact on my life and on those I’ve been able to pass it on to. Plus everything that my daughter’s ever bought me. She’s extremely thoughtful and always gets me something lovely.

8) What was your worst Christmas present?

When I was ten I had seven identical presents: a box of hankies. These were the days before we wrote lists and actually asked for what we wanted and none of my aunts or family seemed to liaise with each other or my mum about what they were getting me. I was so disappointed I
cried my eyes out and got told off by my mum for being ungrateful!

9) Describe your ideal Christmas

Going into London with my daughter on Christmas Eve to see a matinee, followed by a drive through the West End to see the lights with carols playing on the car radio, then home for a tapas style supper in PJs watching TV and drinking Baileys. A lazy Christmas morning, opening presents and a leisurely breakfast. A traditional turkey lunch at home with my family; a walk to get over lunch and then games for a couple of hours. Then high tea followed by more Bailey’s and good company.

10) What do you want for Christmas this year?

Not very much. LOL! I’m a girl with simple tastes – Amazon vouchers to spend on Kindle books; theatre vouchers; a new ‘everyday’ handbag; some cheap telescopic umbrellas so that I’ve got one in every bag, at home and in the car; a purse and, of course, health, love and good-fortune
for all my loved ones for 2015. And some ‘me’ time as the panto’s in full-swing 18-28 December, but we have Christmas Day and Boxing Day off. Professionally, I want Maisie and Em to be completed, for Singles’ Holiday to be produced as a TV series, for Singles’ Holiday to tour theatres country-wide and for my book sales to sky-rocket.

11) Where can we find you?


As you may already be aware Elaine has a Christmassy book which you can check out below:

Christmas Q&A with  Elaine SpiresSingle All the Way by Elaine Spires
Series: Singles #3
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on 9th October 2014
Genres: Chicklit, Christmas, Contemporary, Fiction, Love & Romance
Pages: 317
Amazon KindleAudible

Single All the Way is the third in the Singles’ Trilogy.  The first book Singles’ Holiday was set in Antigua and the second Singles & Spice set in India.  In this book, Travel Together Tour Manager Eve Mitchell is planning a quiet Christmas at home to rest and relax before a special New Year. But she soon, very unexpectedly, finds herself in the depths of the Essex countryside looking after a singles’ group which contains some old, familiar faces and some pleasant – and not so pleasant – new ones.

With its country walks, quizzes, disco and black-tie ball, the Christmas and Twixmas Break passes quickly, but just as they think it’s all over the plot takes a twist and we learn some dark secrets…

About Elaine Spires

Elaine Spires is an author of contemporary novelist of books which are humorous, sexy romantic with travel and twists thrown in along the way. When she’s not writing novels, she is a playwright, director and actress. Extensive travelling and a background in education and tourism perfected Elaine’s keen eye for the quirky characteristics of people, captivating the humorous observations she now affectionately shares with the readers of her novels. Elaine spends her time between her homes in Essex and Antigua. You can find out more about Elaine and all her other books at her website


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