Blog Tour: Aria’s Travelling Book Shop

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Blog Tour: Aria’s Travelling Book Shop

Today I am very lucky to be joined by Rebecca Raisin for a Q&A session. Also, look out for my review of Aria’s Travelling Book Shop later today.

Can you tell us a little about you?

I’m a writer from Perth, Australia but my books are always set in other locations, like France, America or the UK. I love writing about characters who take chances and risks by living their life on their own terms and not the way society deems we should. There’s always a foodie element, because who doesn’t love cake?! And I enjoy writing about friendships as much as I do about love because I think we need equal amounts of both.

Can you summarise your new book?

After Aria loses her husband to cancer she escapes into the Van Life movement, never putting down roots, following the sun and getting lost in her books as she travels in her mobile book shop van. She’s happy, right? She has all the freedom in the world, her best friend Rosie along for the journey and a new country to explore. But along the way Aria realises that she just might have to risk the one thing she doesn’t want to —her heart — in order to truly live again…

Can you tell us about the characters in this book?

The main character is Aria, a thirty-something bibliophile who loves nothing more than falling into the pages of a book when things get hard. Her best friend is Rosie, a slightly eccentric over-achiever who can’t help but worry the sky will fall down and life will implode if she doesn’t schedule her every move. The girls are wildly different from one another but that’s what makes them gel so well.

Who was the most difficult?

I ugly cried writing a certain thread of the book, which will remain a secret! It just hit me so hard and Aria became very real to me, her emotions, her heartache and the fact she struggled so much with what to do after she made a promise to herself…

What is your favourite place to write?

I love writing at my desk! It’s long and I can spread all my notes out and make a huge mess before packing it all away before the kids get home and use my notebooks to draw in and generally create havoc! It overlooks my front garden so I can watch the birds in the tree out front.

What is your favourite place to read?

I love reading the bath! Yeah sure, the books suffer a bit for it with the steam but it’s the best place, especially in winter to unwind and relax before getting into bed all warm and cosy and continuing the book!

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

I love Muay Thai, I take a few classes a week and it’s the best thing after I’ve been sitting at my desk all day. There’s something very cathartic about hitting pads after a long day writing.

Do you prefer chocolate or sweets?

Dark chocolate is my favourite!

Is there a book you wished you wrote?

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine! I loved that book and Eleanor’s heart-breaking quirkiness. I enjoy writing about characters who aren’t necessarily strong and fierce but more real like you and me who have hang-ups and Eleanor was all that and more. I loved her.

You have a free flight and accommodation to anywhere in the world where would you go?

PARIS! THE RITZ! I have to write in capitals because I love Paris and I’d go there in a heartbeat. And the Ritz, well money is no object, right?

What is your favourite season?

Autumn! It’s still quite warm in Perth for autumn but cool enough that we get some respite from the sizzling summer sun. There’s something romantic about autumn, where you swap your summer stuff for cosy warm socks and start taking long baths and light candles and hibernate.

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Blog Tour: Aria’s Travelling Book ShopAria’s Travelling Book Shop by Rebecca Raisin
Also by this author: Christmas at the Gingerbread Cafe, Chocolate Dreams at the Gingerbread Cafe, The Bookshop on the Corner, Christmas Wedding at the Gingerbread Cafe
Published by HQ Digital UK on 8th April 2020
Genres: Chicklit, Contemporary, Humour, Love & Romance
Pages: 384
Amazon Kindle

another uplifting romance.

This summer will change everything!
Aria Summers knows what she wants.

A life on the road with best friend Rosie and her beloved camper-van-cum-book-shop, and definitely, definitely, no romance.

But when Aria finds herself falling – after one too many glasses of wine, from a karaoke stage – into the arms of Jonathan, a part of her comes back to life for the first time in years.

Since her beloved husband died Aria has sworn off love, unless it’s the kind you can find in the pages of a book. One love of her life is quite enough.

And so Aria tries to forget Jonathan and sets off for a summer to remember in France. But could this trip change Aria’s life forever…?

A heartwarming, uplifting and hilarious novel of friendship, love and adventure! Perfect for fans of Debbie Johnson and Holly Martin.

About Rebecca Raisin

Rebecca Raisin is a true bibliophile.

This love of books morphed into the desire to write them. She’s been widely published in various short story anthologies, and in fiction magazines, and is now focusing on writing romance. The only downfall about writing about gorgeous men who have brains as well as brawn, is falling in love with them – just as well they’re fictional. Rebecca aims to write characters you can see yourself being friends with. People with big hearts who care about relationships, and most importantly, believe in true love.


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