Christmas Q&A with…Suzanne

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1) Tell me a little bit about you

My name is Suzanne,  I’m 34 years old and I live in a coastal town in the Netherlands. I’m an aspiring writer and my dream is to become a published author someday. I have a blog,, and write fiction and book reviews, I also give shopping and beauty tips.

2) What do you love about Christmas?

I love celebrations and the festive Christmas atmosphere always makes me happy. I really like decorating my home and shopping for gifts as well.

3) What do you hate about Christmas?

That it’s only once a year.

4) What is your favourite Christmas book?

Twelve Days of Christmas by Trisha Ashley, it’s such a beautiful story and it perfectly captures what Christmas is all about.

5) What is your favourite Christmas song?

Anything with bells.

6) What was your best Christmas?

Two years ago my husband and I went on an Autumn holiday to the Alsace and then to Brugge for a weekend. We bought a lot of new Christmas decorations and a second tree. Decorating our trees was the best moment ever. I loved looking at them and can’t wait to do so again this year.

7) What was your best Christmas present?

Last year my husband made me an advent. Behind some of the windows there were sweets and behind others there were cute golden charms for a charm bracelet he gave me. It was so romantic!

8) What was your worst Christmas present?

A box with a ten year old plush that I’d initially given to the person who gave it to me (when it was still new), a torn magazine and socks that I got the year before as well. That was all in one package and I got one just like it every year for several years.

9) Describe your ideal Christmas

If everyone around me is happy and nobody is sick I’m having a great time.

10) What do you want for Christmas this year?

I’ve asked for a couple of books and other than that I value friendship a lot more than presents, so I’m hoping to get loads of love, cards and nice messages.

11) Where can we find you?






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