Blog Tour Review: Her Mother’s Cry

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Blog Tour Review: Her Mother's Cry

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Blog Tour Review: Her Mother’s CryHer Mother's Cry by Roberta Gately
Also by this author: Dead Girl Walking, The Frozen Girl
Series: Jessie Novak #3
Also in this series: Dead Girl Walking, The Frozen Girl
Published by Bookouture on 1st November 2021
Genres: Crime, Suspense, Thriller
Pages: 333
Format: eARC
Source: from Netgalley
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The girl in the photo was laughing, her head thrown back, her lips painted a bright red. Jessie could feel the simple joy reflected in that moment. And as she looked closer, she saw the same gold cross and chain that had adorned the first victim’s neck.
When a young woman falls to her death from a parking garage, the Boston police department rule it as a suicide. But when Jessie Novak examines the scene, she isn’t so sure… The girl’s delicate hands are bruised and her fingernails torn: evidence of a struggle. Did someone push her from the roof?
Then a second young woman is found dead, this time at the foot of her dorm building, her hands injured in the same way as the first victim’s with a gold cross and chain clutched in her fist. Jessie is convinced there is a connection and that a twisted killer is on the loose.
Forensics connect the necklace to several murders of college girls in other states—and a suspect who the police had in their sights but were forced to let go—and Jessie knows her hunch is correct.
Just as Jessie thinks she is closing in on the culprit, her worst fears are realized: a third girl is found dead. The gap between murders is closing: the killer is getting more confident. He will never stop until he is caught.
But little does Jessie know that, while she works to pick up the trail of her suspect, he is already on hers. She is the only one who can stop this monster before he kills again—but to save the next innocent life, is she prepared to risk her own?
A thrilling and totally gripping crime thriller that will grab you from the start and not let go until the final, heart-stopping page. Utterly addictive reading for fans of Lisa Regan, Robert Dugoni and Melinda Leigh.

One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

Thank you to Bookouture for letting me take part in this tour and for my copy of this book via Netgalley. I really enjoyed the first 2 books in this series so I was looking forward to reading what Jessie got up to this time.

Jessie Novak is an ER Nurse who also works in the ME department. She has recently become a liaison between the Boston PD and the ME. Jessie has a real detectives mind. She is extremely observant and regularly picks up on the smallest of things. Most people wouldn’t even notice the things that she does, Jessie is a great lead character. She is very easy to identify with. She has her own self-doubt that a lot of us can relate to. Jessie does however always seems to end up in danger when she’s investigating these cases.

The thing I like about this series is that it is a little different from your usual detective series. With Jessie being from a medical background it puts a different perspective on it. I really enjoy seeing the case through Jessie’s eyes.

This case was a sad and creepy one. I’m glad I read this during the day because I think it would put me even more on edge reading this in the dark. The murderer had an all too familiar story. For me, he was rather inconsequential. Yes, he was the killer but he is rather a nobody. He thought he deserved to be special but after what he’s done I won’t give him the benefit!

This was another great addition to the series and if you haven’t started it yet, you really should!

About Roberta Gately

Roberta Gately, lives in Boston where she works as a nurse at the Boston Medical Center. It was in the ER where she developed an interest in the investigations behind the crimes and the victims she encountered. Working in a busy ER is much like being a detective—the search for answers is a methodical process, not unlike the work required to solve a murder!

Her crime series with Bookouture stars the brave and brilliant ER nurse Jessie Novak who teams up with her detective friend to solve tricky Boston murder cases. Expect addictive mysteries, breathtaking suspense and a gutsy heroine you’ll never forget. When she’s not writing or working at the hospital, Roberta enjoys reading, working out and spending time with friends and family.

She has also worked in humanitarian aid, providing medical care in some of the world’s bleakest spots ranging from Africa to Afghanistan. Her two previous novels, Lipstick in Afghanistan and The Bracelet were based upon her experiences of nursing abroad. Her memoir—Footprints in the Dust tells the true stories of some of the extraordinary people she met.


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