Author Services: Mortiswood Evil Rising

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Author Services: Mortiswood Evil Rising


Gina Dickerson will soon be releasing the third book in her Mortiswood Tales series and I am honoured to be organising the tour . You will need to read book one and two to understand the story. If you haven’t read them Gina is willing to offer copies of these for review too. Kaelia Awakening (Mortiswood Tales #1) is just under 400 pages and Kaelia Falling (Mortiswood Tales #2) is around 300 pages.

Dates: 2nd-6th April 2018
Post type: Reviews/Q&A/Guest Post/Extract
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Author Services: Mortiswood Evil RisingMortiswood Evil Rising by Gina Dickerson
Also by this author: Kaelia Awakening, Underleaf, The Pennington Christmas Curse, Kaelia Falling
Series: Mortiswood Tales #3
Also in this series: Kaelia Awakening, Kaelia Falling, Evil Rising
on 23rd March 2018
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Supernatural
Pages: 300

The problem with secrets is they don’t always remain secret, no matter how long they’ve been buried.

The dark side of magic beckons to Kaelia. It whispers in her ear, seducing her with the promise of yet more power. Having discovered the truth behind the goddess Hel’s connection to Bran the necromancer, Kaelia is finding it increasingly difficult to tell who is on her side and who is against her.

Drawn into an age-long battle, she must fight to protect not only those she loves, but also the humans that her enemies, The Salloki, would devour. Confronting an evil never seen before outside the realms of myth and magic, Kaelia is torn. Should she join with Bran? Is he really as trustworthy as he says?

But trust cuts both ways as Bran too discovers, unearthing both secrets and lies about his true identity. There is also someone he wants to protect above all, even if that price is unleashing upon Mortiswood the fearsome Vanagandr.

As secrets, lies, magic, and emotions weave their tangled web, who will lose their hearts and who will lose their lives?

Sometimes the line between good and evil is so blurred it fails to exist…

About Gina Dickerson

Gina Dickerson lives by the Thanet coast on the north-eastern tip of Kent, in the UK, with her family and playful Siberian husky. She is a full-time author and writes romantic suspense with a twist, horror, and fantasy because her characters refuse to play nice and wind up with more than a few bone-rattling skeletons in their closets.

She is the author of the murderous romantic suspense novels Lies Love Tells and Unveiling Christmas, the twisted short story collection, Underleaf, as well as the fantasy, adventurous romance series Mortiswood Tales – the first in the series being Mortiswood: Kaelia Awakening. She has also written fashion and shopping columns for a local newspaper.

When she’s not writing, Gina loves rummaging in vintage clothes shops, taking way too many photographs, and leafing through fashion glossies.


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